My new BH and new shoes

  1. Last night I was in a hurry to get to the store to purchase my new BH. So, I was ready to go, but had to go to the backyard to put some garden tools away. So, I slipped off my white heels and slipped into my gardening sandals (muddy, worn, bright funky blue color, and NOT something I wear out) Then, into my car to get to Palo Alto. I arrive at the mall, hop out of the car, and low and behold I realize I forgot my shoes!!!! :nuts: It's about a 20-30 minute ride each way, during traffic hour, not a quick trip home. So, I run to Macys and HAVE to buy a pair of shoes. Of course, to make it worse, I was wearing my turquoise blue capris and a white blouse and my azur speedy. I do NOT need one more pair of turquoise color shoes or sandals, nor white, so I am frantically trying to find something so I can get out of there and head to LV. It was quite comical. I'm sure the sales girl thought I was completely crazy, lol. Anyhow, $75 later, I was wearing my bronze sandals that I really didn't need (see attached pic). Went to LV and bought my BH. I almost got the Roxbury Drive instead, as I just LOVE that bag, but I had to be practical. I also tried on the Neverfull, but didn't like the handles. Quite a fun evening!
    BH.jpg bronze sandals.jpg
  2. Love the bag and the shoes are so cute! Cute story. I'll have to do that "accidentally" sometime to get me some new shoes, too!
  3. Love them both. I need to forget my shoes more often!
  4. LOL, funny story. Love the BH, and the sandals are cute!
  5. Love the BH and those super cute shoes, congrats!
  6. LOL! :lol: Funny story, but great shoes & great bag!
  7. Love the BH! The shoes are cute too! Congrats, great purchases!
  8. haha funny story! congrats on the new bag =]
  9. love the combination. you should wear the sandals with the bh! congrats!
  10. Love the bag and cute shoes! ;)
  11. That's too funny!! Love the BH!
  12. great story and I think you made a good choice not giving into the impulse to buy roxbury drive. BH is way more practical.
  13. o wow love it.
  14. congrats! yes, the BH is very practical...I have one and LOVE it...beautiful shoes, btw, not bad for $75! ;)
  15. congrats! im loving my bh soooo much!