My new BG Pink City, 05 Turquoise First, Magenta Box, French Blue Shoulder and...

  1. family photos. I really like the FB Shoulder. The color is sooo pretty, and the little mirror is really cute. Unfortunately, it has some scuffs on the back, and it didn't have extra tassels. Since I got it from Bal, NY I think I should return it, and use the credit for a bag that has no flaws and comes with extra tassels, probably the F/W 07 bags I am on the waiting list for. As for my new Bubblegum Pink City, Magenta Box, and Turquoise First, I am thrilled with everything about these bags, and the only place they are going is on my arm and out on the town! These are not my best photos, but I promised myself I would be careful on how much sun I exposed my bags to, so the photos were taken in part shade and very quickly.
    So far nothing I have seen compares to the vibrant beauty of the 05 bags of Bubblegum Pink, Magenta, and Turquoise, so I took some photos of those bags all together. These vibrant colors combined with the thick smooshy leather are divine, and no matter how long I have had them, my love for these bags has not diminished! It truly is difficult to use any other bags when I have these beauties to chose from. I am hoping though, that 07 Grape will rank up there with them!
    IMG_7480-2.jpg 06-08-07171.jpg 06-08-07019.jpg 06-08-07028.jpg 06-08-07014.jpg
  2. Here's the family photo, FB Shoulder, and Magenta Box.
    06-08-07039.jpg 06-08-07056.jpg 06-08-07052.jpg 06-08-07093.jpg
  3. Deana, my gosh, that first photo looks like a professional store front window- either that or a brilliant sunset over water!! Divine!!

    Not to change subject, but how's your bag liner invention coming along??:smile:
  4. Deana you have the prettiest colors ever... I love your family portrait!!! I agree that you should probably get a *perfect* bag from BalNY, although I have to say I love your FB :love: You can't go wrong regardless. Congrats!
  5. :okay:
    lol! I won't forget you Bella, I promise! I am working with my step momma (who is a far better seamstress than I, well actually I am not a seamstress at all so...), to come up with some different sizes and styles. Once I have something I am pleased with, they will have to be test driven by a few different gals. When/if I get positive feedback on them, I can go on to find a manufacturer who can mass produce them for me. All this basically means is it will be awhile before they are ready for the masses!

    I totally agree Ttucker! The French Blue is a great vibrant color perfect for the Shoulder size, and I was really sad to see the scratches and missing extra tassels. The tassels could be remedied, but I am affraid the scuff marks would only get worse over time.
  6. DEANA! OMG, congrats, SO gorgeous.... I am speechless. Major drool -- your pics as always are divine : ) Love your whole collection and of course the new members!
  7. I NEED that BG city to go with my BG first!!! And may I ask, in the second photo, what is the color of the first that is to the left of the BG first, behind the metallic box?
  8. :tup:
    Yay for pink lovers!!!
    That is a 06 Lilac First! Here it is on it's own....
  9. Deanna- I always Love your pics! Those are some seriously amazing bags. I don't know how you find such treasures! That turq. city is one of my current HG's. Great color representation. Thank you! We need modeling pics too!
  10. You are such an entrepreneur!! And I really love that your bbag collection has such focus and continuity:smile: So there's not a single boring neutral color lurking in the back of your closet that you're hiding from us??:smile:
  11. deana!! you have my favorite collection! lilac, turq, bbgum, etc. you're killing me!
  12. Deana - I always love to see photos of your lovely, vibrant collection!! :heart: Congrats on your new additions!! :yahoo:
  13. :heart:
    Thanks gals for all your sweet comments!
    Shasta...keep yourself parked on eBay and a Turq City will deffinitely show up! Lots of bags are getting sold now by gals wanting to fund the upcoming F/W 07 bags, and I've noticed some Turquoise bags being sold for lower prices than in the past. I got a great deal on my Turq First, and one reason I think they are going for less is because of the 07 Aquamarine. Many think it is very close to 05 Turq, but just between you and me, it really isn't close to the vibrant color of 05 Turq. Aquamarine is actually a color closer to a cross between 05 Teal and 06 Blue India. In the tassels below from left to right is Teal, Aquamarine, Turq, and Blue India.....
  14. :roflmfao:
    No really there isn't, I swear!!!
    Actually what happens when I do go for a bag that isn't vibrant, is they sit in my closet for a while, and after I pass up using them for a month or two I face facts that I am not ever going to use them, and I let them go. Here is a list of the bags I have tried to love but kept ignoring....05 Sky Blue, 05 Teal, 05 Indigo, and 04 Eggplant. Indigo was the hardest to let go of, it really is such a pretty color! I am also affraid that 06 Lilac may be joining the ranks of the unused! I am such a vibrant B-bag brat!
  15. Wow, that says a lot about your personality- you are a colorful, vibrant person!!:smile:

    I mostly feel vibrant on the inside, but I gotta admit I always reach for the black ones... Maybe it's my stuffy suit-confined job that does it to me!!