My new BETTY

I have the shopper, pquiles. I know you said it didn't suit you but I don't know, it sort of clicked with me. That other Edith is hideous, though. The handles are too short, among other things. No offense to whomever owns it. I can't imagine have to fumble through those belts if my cell phone rings.
Went to Saks and picked up a patent betty. It looks like this one. The color is like a dark burgundy.

pquiles, I have been trying to track down this bag. Do you know whether your Saks had another one? If so, which one was it? Would you mind sharing the SKU and/or the style number so that I can track it down? And was it on sale?

i got the last one I think. You can call SAKS and see if they've got it elsewhere. I believe the # is 594060946 If they don't, it's on sale at for 830.