my new BETTY!!

  1. MJ THAT IS...ive been dying for a teal purse..i was going to buy the teal bulga on KARIZMA but it sold out b4 i could get my hands on one...and then i found BETTY i think shes ADORABLE..and perfect for a night out! :yes::yes:

  2. That's a beautiful color! Congratulations on your lovely new bag!
  3. Congrats, it's very cute and the color is absolutely gorgeous!
  4. precious!
  5. That is really adorable! Congrats
  6. adorable bag.. congratulations!!
  7. Lovely colour. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. Very pretty! congrats :biggrin:
    Amazing color btw ^^
  9. thanx sooo much....though i cant fit fits enough...wallet...cell...compact and gloss....wat more do i need?? yay for HANDBAGS!
  10. I adore it!!
  11. oh my god, i LOVE that!!!