My new Berry small MP

  1. Hello Ladies!

    I took all of y'all's sales tips and went down to the local Nordstrom Rack (glendale) and found a berry MP that had my name written all over it. I love it! I wasn't sure that I would but my husband said it was ok to buy as it was such a steal ($350). I couldn't resist- I love a good bargain!

    And FYI - there were about 4 more small berry MP's and 2 berry blakes left (I think those were $439). There were about 4 woven silver metallic styles too (I dont know the style name).
    MJ berry purse 002b.jpg
  2. What a beautiful bag, C1976! I just love the berry color that the Nordstrom Racks have been carrying!
  3. Beautiful bag! Congrats on your deal!
  4. thanks ladies!

    Thithi, your sale post made me haul my butt over there to check out the selection- so thanks so much for posting your finds.
  5. Love it!! I'm digging that color more & more. Congrats!
  6. Love it! Congratulation's! I am so in love with my first mp and I love the small size, its perfect. there was a berry at the sf nr when i got my denim one yesterday.
    Did you get a dust bag? I didn't but I went back in and they found me one.
  7. thanks and yes, I got a dust bag (it was stuffed inside the purse). Glad you went back and got one. I had gone into the store wanting a denim MP (wishing they would have one) but alas... I love the berry though. Its a nice BOLD color.
  8. That's really lovely, I love that colour so much!
  9. That is so cute! Congratulations!!
  10. Oh I love that!!!! Congrats!!!! ..drooling here!!
  11. I don't know why, but I'm so happy when tPFers help other tPFers find the treasure!
  12. Congrats, great deal and gorgeous bag!
  13. Beautiful bag - nice score!!!
  14. I got this bag too!

    And i love that all the berry bags (MPs, Blake, and Venetia) are all over eBay already.
  15. Very pretty- congrats