My New Berry Inclusion Speedy Keyring

  1. Aaawww...Isn't she DARLING?? I just received it in the mail from England TODAY!!:heart: :love:

  2. Aww.. too darling, congrats ! :yes:
  3. That is the cutest and smallest LV lock I've seen!!! ha ha ha.
  4. It's soooo cute! Congrats!:yahoo:
  5. I know!! It's the tinniest little thing, but still looks real!:heart:
  6. Love it:love: Congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  7. That's beautiful I love the color.
  8. I love the color too!
  9. Thanks everyone!! ME LOVES IT!!:love:
  10. wow..gorgeous..congrats..
  11. I want it!! Congratulations!!!
  12. Well great. Just great. Even though I always thought these were cute, and I absolutely LOVE this color, I wasn't going to get one of these. However, your pictures just did me in. JUST. GREAT.

    It's reallly beautiful. Use it in good health!
  13. I hear you on that one! This forum should be hired to do the publicity/marketing for LV. The number of people who are induced to buying LV pieces after seeing pictures of the "real" items is UNBELIEVABLE!

    There's nothing like seeing real pictures of "live" items! Those stock pics from ELuxury suck!!:P
  14. Love it. Will you use it as a keyring or would it get messed up using it that way?
  15. That's a darn good question! I only use any of my Inclusion pieces as CHARMS on my bags, not as Keychains. Even the Phone Charm that I have I use as a charm on my Monogram Speedy 30. But now the question is: WHICH BAG am I going to use this new Berry Speedy on?? I have a couple of ideas since I have some FAVORITES, including the Batignolles Vertical, the Monogram Mizi, or the Damier Papillon 30??:s