My new beige caviar classic flap

  1. Hello
    Here is my new Chanel bag. It takes a while to get it. Since beige is only available in lambskin in HK, I sent email to in to ask and said i want this bag. Then, they fwd the mail to the brand manager in HK. She said I can wait until Oct for new stock arrival, or can check other places to see if any stock for me. So happened that I read on another newsgroup and ppl said Melbourne chanel does get it. I told her and she managed to transfer one to me. It arrived after 2 weeks, just in time for my bday next week. So happy, to share with you all. :biggrin:
  2. a pic for me with my new bag
  3. beautiful !!! is that double or single flap and medium or large ?
  4. Really nice............still waiting for mine.
  5. Sooo cute! ;)
  6. Very pretty - enjoy the bag
  7. hello. it's double flap, medium, the most classic size. :biggrin:
  8. I love it! I think my next classic flap purchase will be a beige one. Congrats!
  9. congrats.
  10. That is definately a beauty!!

    That is what I call a birthday gift!
  11. Congratulations -- looks very nice on you!
  12. Goergeous!!!!! Enjoy!
  13. I love it~~classic and beautiful.
  14. The color is awesome!
  15. The classic flap bag is such a timeless bag! The size looks great on you too:smile: The leather is caviar, right?