my new BEC order....

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  1. well, iv'e taken the plunge this am and ordered a Charm me mini w. brass hardware, fawn lining and in Dark Tan Matte Thick leather... i'm hoping i'll love it as i hadn't seen a swatch of this leather, but had a tan bag previously in matte which for me the colour was a bit yellow-y.. i'm hoping the thick will hold its shape a bit more and also look a bit rustic when i wears in.... hoping i'll love it!!
  2. It sounds beautiful, I'm sure you'll love it! I especially like the lining you picked to go with the leather- it'll be gorgeous!
  3. hoping so - has anyone else (Bonnie??) has a swatch of the Dark Tan Matte Thick? if you can you let me know your thoughts??
  4. Prada, It sounds like a good idea to use the thicker matte leather for a Charm me. I have also toyed with the idea, but with the larger version of the CM, since I am not that organised to cope with the two zippered I'm

    But what is fawn lining?? A new colour??

    I think I know the new thick Tan..not sure though, because I recieved a bunch of tanny types. If it is the one I'm thinking about, it is a bit darker than the old type of thick Tan, and def. not yellowish!

    A pic of a swatch can be seen here:
  5. Hi Prada, I love this style and I think it will look fabulous in the thick matte dark tan. I think that you are right, I believe it will look a bit rustic as it wears in and only look better over time. I adore a leather like that.

    I cannot wait for pictures! Thanks for sharing this with us! I am very excited for you!
  6. sounds lovely!! ^^^ but yes, what is fawn lining?

    I haven't popped into the BEC for some time now, and I've just discovered that there's quite a few new colors in there, like the thick matte red and dark brown! And there's a new light pink lining too! wonder what the light pink looks like! I do find the fuschia a little too dark in a big deep bag when fishing around for my things, maybe light pink is the answer!
  7. It sounds like a beautiful bag! I can't wait to see pics! I think I'll have to try a BEC soon. So many choices.
  8. The bag sounds wonderful. I really think the tan will look incredible. I can't wait to see it.
  9. Thanks this is either the Beige or light Beige lining.

    peppy..I got the Light Pink lining on my Aubergine Hold me over a year ago! I'm getting a few bags in the Red matte, and wanted this lining in one of them, so Jackie put it on BEC..I think she forgot she had
    I always ask her about lining options, and I also think I was one of the first to get another lining than the Fuchsia!I had read she could..then..also offer Red, Dark Grey and Silver Grey, so I was curious! When BEC first listed the Light Beige , I wanted to know what it looked like, so the workshop sent her a photo from their swatch chart..with many other colours..(I wish I kept this photo!)
    But it takes 150 bags for a roll of lining or else I think she would have had even more options.
    Personally I've come to the conclusion , I like to see what's in my bag, so lately I have only chosen the lighter types of lining...a bit sad for the Purple..
  10. ooohhh..sounds like a beautiful bag to me..good choice...:nuts:
  11. ooh v helpful, thanks - what i was aiming for was the colour of Mulberry darwin without the weight , hopefully this will do the job. i don't mind if it looks a bit broken in too..
    Sorry, i may have misquoted the lining colour - its the same one as gold 9only to me it looks fawn!!)
  12. yes that was my sadly departed Hold Me - she has gone to someone who will use her more than me....
  13. How exciting!!! I have always treasured my regular Charm Me andnow that i have a mini one, I have been using her as my daily purse, even with my jeans and casual work outfit! That dark tan looks gorgeous too...but did someone say red matte???!!! Off to see that swatch!
  14. yes the desc says Red matte is like brickdust red - thought that would be lovely too as i have an Etro pashmina w that colour in it; but decided on the tan instead in the end. haven't sees a swatch tho. (of red!!)