My New Beautiful H Bracelet!

  1. Hi everyone!
    This is not usually my area so let me start by saying hi to everyone :biggrin:
    I don't have any Hermes bags at the moment (would love to get a Birkin in the future), however I have a couple of belts, bracelets, & lother little items.
    I just wanted to share my beauty as I've been searching for it in this color and finally our local Hermes received it!

    Now for those of you who own this item or similar, can you tell me what's your experience with it? Should I be careful with the enamel? What about the hardware? Does it turn, scratch, etc?
    Please pardon my lack of knowledge :smile:
    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. i just bought one in the same color but it's more thin.. i didn't like the big one, too much for me.. now im kind of regretting it by seeing your picture! congrats!
  3. I've only had my H bracelet for a month, so I couldn't answer your questions.

    I love yours though!
  4. Love it!!!
  5. LOVE the H bracelet~ I think they're really elegant and classy. However, I don't have one because they're too loose on me (I like my bracelets to be snug) so I cannot tell you how sturdy they are.

    I THINK they're supposed to be sturdy since My SA said as long as you don't drop it on hard floors it should be fine. Scratches are unavoideable, but it's not supposed to break on you.
  6. Don't have one, but very nice. Welcome to H-Anon!
  7. Welcome JOJO! What a purse collection!!
    Beautiful bracelet! Hermes items are very durable but you'll want to be careful (but not overly so) about banging this around too much.
    Just enjoy it!!
    Here's wishing you big Birkin dreams one day!!
  8. Welcome and Congrats JoJo! :flowers: Love your bracelet! I've had my enamel bracelet for almost five years I think and they are very durable. I wear mine every day. :biggrin:
  9. A big welcome and have fun in the forum! Look to enjoy your posts!!!
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. it's very pretty, congrats!
  12. Congratulations, that is a striking piece of jewelry -- that color matches your complexion perfectly (avatar = you?).

    My guess is you can wear it every time you go out. I would think scratches happen if you left your bracelet in a jewel case brushing up against other pieces.

    You should go for a french manicure in that color too! :heart:
  13. i love the color!! congrats!!
  14. hello St. Maarten!!!:heart: :yes:

    did you happen to see me a few years ago, then last year?? i was the one with the adorable yellow marc jacobs purse LOL. actually i was there twice on cruises.

    where is the hermes store in marigot??
    how on earth did i miss that? :shocked: DOH!

    pretty pretty bracelet!! good choice. i have some new bracelets from H too and i'm eyeing a third. i'll post pix when i clean out my luggage. i'm plowing through tons of laundry after a trip. ugh. :yucky:
  15. Very Pretty!!!!!:yes: