My New Beauties!!

  1. It has taken me almost a year to actually spend the $$ and buy a pair of Coach sunnies (even if I did get them on eBay). Now that I have them, I wonder why I waited. They are soooooo nice! I've always worn cheap sunglasses before this and none of them ever quite fit me perfectly as these do. I am hooked!

    I wanted these for soooo long, I can't believe they are actually mine! I paid $59.99 shipped (and some anxiety, lol), quite a deal imho :yahoo:I just love this color too.
    Coach Sunnies 1.JPG Coach Sunnies 2.JPG Coach Sunnies 3.JPG Coach Sunnies 4.JPG Coach Sunnies 5.JPG
  2. wow... it's so cute!! Congrats
  3. now those are hot! :drool: Do we get to see modeling pics? :graucho: Congrats, I love them!!!! :tup:
  4. very cutee I LIKE THEM!
  5. What a great deal! I think I'm ready to bite the bullet and get a pair this summer! I usually wear $6 sunnies from Target! lol!
  6. Beautiful!
    I have a pr of juicy that i got last summer, this year i'm hoping to add a pr of coach.
  7. That is so me! Except I used to get them at TJMaxx for like $7 (not designer brands) and they'd always be too big or just somehow not right. These fit like a dream! Do it, you won't regret it!

    Ok, but my hair is a disaster today-I actually wore a hat to school! So not until tomorrow but I will post some.
  8. I wouldn't mind getting a pair oneday. I always wore cheap sunglasses and didn't get the point of expensive ones, especially knowing if they got lost or sat on or scratched they were doomed.. well after MANY pairs of cheapos breaking or killing above my ears I finally broke down a year ago and bought some Oakleys... I LOVE them. They are SO comfortable, I am very careful with them, always wear them and they don't have a scratch on them. They were like $150 which was hard to swallow at the time but I think they are well worth it, you will love them!!!! :tup:
  9. Oh man! :rolleyes: Alright.. if you insist. :p
  10. Lovely! Enjoy!
  11. Very nice! You got a great deal on them.
  12. My DH and brother are OBSESSED w/ Oakley! lol! My brother got me a pair for xmas one year and they squeeze my head---ouch! I think I have a sensitive head, so to spend alot and have them squeeze my head or my nose :p. I should just try them....!
  13. Very cool! enjoy!!
  14. Cool! and hot at the same time! ha! Wear it in good health!
  15. Wow, these sunnies are gorgeous! Love all the blings! I used to buy Target sunnies, too, at $9.99/pair and I would get like several pairs cuz they wouldn't quite fit right. Then I got the Coach Keri and Coach Whitney sunnies in November and just LOVE them! I'll never go back to cheap sunnies again! Enjoy your lovely sunnies!!!!