My new beauties

  1. Sigh............The black one is a classic, but the mouse one I can't justify, can I? I will never be able to match my shoes to the bag, right? What do you guys think about that?
    DSC09732.jpg DSC09733.jpg

  2. Is that mousse? It looks like kaki to me? Perhaps I'm missing something.... :confused1:
  3. Both are beauties, love the black!!
  4. I never think twice about trying to match my shoes and my bag... come to think of it, they rarely match...haha.

    In this month's Bazaar magazine, they said the trend was to match your purse to your top or jacket, not to your shoes.
  5. Hi there, yes, the second one is mouse....let me see if I can post a better picture....
  6. where did you get your mousse?
  7. Beautiful bags and I love the colors!!!! I think the mousse can go with a variety of things. CONGRATS!
  8. I never worry about long as the whole outfit goes together...

    Both bags are gorgoues and I actually prefer the mousse!
  9. I really love looking at the handbag pics on NAP of their mannekin holding a bag and wearing a cool outfit. It's true that the bag rarely matches the shoes, but there is usually some hint of the bag color in the top :rolleyes: Maybe try to find a belt the same mousse color? It really is a gorgeous Paddy color, and the Ava is so lush, congrats! :yahoo:
  10. I don't think I've ever matched my shoes and my bag either. :graucho: As long as it all goes somewhat!

    I like the Mousse Paddy too! :tup:
  11. Thanks everyone! I bought them at the NAP sale...I bought a few other things but they are going back because even with the sale prices I did too much damage!
  12. love the black one, congrats!!
  13. OK. After trying them both on about 100 times, I decided to keep them both. Hopefully I won't regret it!
  14. At first I thought I couldn't match my mousse but now I think it goes with everything--go figure??
  15. Double congrats. =)

    Agree with everyone that shoes and bag don't have to match.