My new BE babies!

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  1. I just won this Mottled Gold SMM! I have been wanting a mottled gold bag and this one looks so summery! I never thought I would get a Stroke Me, but this style really shows the leather well! I hope I like in irl! This isn't the best photo!

    Last week I received my first Crash Leather Bag! A Black Crash TME midi! I really like the TME in the crash leather! Moreso than the Petrol.

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  2. Sandy - I am so glad that the mottled gold is going to a home where it is loved. It is a beautiful bag. We are bag twins with the black crash TMEs. I love it and constantly get compliments. Congratulations!
  3. I love your Black Crash TME Midi! I have one and it's my favorite bag of all time, so stylish and practical.

    The SMM is a fun style, especially for the spring and summer. I have two of them - Tan and Petrol. It's a great bag for those times when you don't have too much to carry.
  4. Both are lovely bags! That tme looks rockin' in the black crash!
  5. So glad to hear that the gold bag is going to a loving home. I hope that you got it for a good price?
  6. a gold SMM was my first BE! you will LOVE it! i want to hear your review when you get it!!! :nuts:
  7. Beautiful! Every time I see something in the Black Crash I convince myself even more that I need something in that leather. Congrats!!
  8. I am really loving the crash leather! I want one in each color! I have the Plum Crash LM midi coming this month and will have to be happy with these two.

    J - I got the SM for about $300 including shipping. I think it is a good price:P
  9. Well done :tup:
  10. Beautiful! The mottled gold is striking and the black crash is just stunning! Congrats!
  11. Congrats, Sandy!! I thought you were getting an MMS, not an SMM! I could just have the inititals mixed up, though. It's gorgeous!! And the black crash TME is to die!! I just got the LMM in black crash, so I understand the need to get some black crash in your life. Perhaps you will do some modeling pics, especially of the SMM? Just putting a thought in your head for when you have time.

    Beautiful bags, enjoy!!
  12. Congrats Sandy.... Very lovely bags!! :smile:
  13. Congrats I love the black crash tme. Hopefully I will have a SMM soon- so anxious to hear what you think of yours.
  14. Gorgeous bags! Enjoy them!
  15. So pretty! I've always thought the mottled gold was something special. Now that I've ventured into metallics with my pewter WTM midi, I might get brave and try a mottled gold someday! I'll keep an eye out for you around SD ;).