My New BE Accessory: Laptop Sleeve!

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  1. This arrived with my Charm Me Mini last week but I haven't had a chance to take photos or share.

    The story is that I sent Jackie pictures of my laptop inside the WTM Mini, and asked if she had plans of making a laptop sleeve in the future (I have heard the rumors of the laptop bag as well:graucho:) as I think the idea of a sleeve that coordinates with the lining of your BE bag is just great:heart:
    She asked for my laptop measurements (mine is a 13 inch Macbook) and before I knew it, the sleeve was ready! The sleeve is made of the same fabric used for BE lining but it is padded and quilted. I find it has enough padding to provide decent protection. The top is open, which I love, and there are 2 leather tabs that are used to snap it closed.

    I have to run but here are some photos. It fits perfectly inside my WTM Midi, and will probably fit into a full size TME (fits into the Midi but then the Midi looks all stretched out and funny), MMS Midi, and regular LM.

    I just thought I'd share in case some of you have been looking for something similar.
    Have a good day, everyone!!

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  2. Wow! I love this!
  3. WOW ... that's fantastic! How awesome of Jackie to come up with this solution for you. Very cool!
  4. Can you share how much it costs? Thanks.
  5. That was so thoughtful of her. It looks wonderful!
  6. awesome!
  7. Dammit now I want one! :nuts:
  8. love the idea of using a be bag as a work bag. wearing a wtm to tote a laptop so discretely and stylishly is welcome change to dragging those boring pleather or nylon black boxy bags. they're fugly and kill my shoulder --- and the crunch sound from opening up their velco pockets gives me chills like the sound of nails on a chalkboard. hate it.

    how much was the sleeve?
  9. Thanks everyone. I am embarrassed to say I don't know exactly how much it was as I paid for it along with a few other things, but if I'm not mistaken it was around GBP 30-40.
    It is a nice, snug fit and I love the coordinated look:smile: I suggested to Jackie that BE offer the sleeve as an extra for those who really just need a sleeve and not an entire new laptop bag so I am looking forward to seeing it on the website.
    I think it would look awesome in purple as well.
  10. Awesome! I love it.
  11. How inventive!!! I think it has a great design in all ways! matching....protective.....wellmade.....lovely!!
  12. Me likey!!
  13. I think I was really lucky that the design was already in the works and I just happened to ask at the right time. I do think this sleeve works better and weighs less than a leather one would, although I probably wouldn't say no to leather either hahaha
  14. AWESOME!!!! (x10) :drool:

    Me WANTS!! I would love one of these for my future I'm Yours Tote in a luscious pebbled glossy leather... Jackie, as usual, is ahead of the curve.
  15. Congrats! Does it have straps? In one photo it looks like it has straps. I want one for my Dell mini 9.