My new BCBG Naola's!!! YAY!!!

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  1. I'd been eyeing the BCBG Naola's for quite some time and was THIS CLOSE to buying them while out Christmas shopping last week. Thank goodness I didn't buy them at full price last week, because they were 50% off at the BCBG store on Boxing Day!!! :yahoo:

    I got them in a gorgeous champagne colour...I'm sooooooo in love with these shoes!!! :love:

    BCBG Max Azria Naola - Free Shipping & Return Shipping

    Just wanted to share my joy at finally getting these shoes and at a great price!!! :party:
  2. OMG! Very cute heels. Congrats!
  3. great score!:yahoo:
  4. They're adorable. So much pep. Congrats on finding the sale; that makes it twice as nice. Enjoy!
  5. Those are beyond cute! I love the color!
  6. Those are so cute and what a great deal!!
  7. They are adorable!:yahoo:
  8. Lovely.
  9. Super cute shoes, Sharbear508!:love:
  10. Adorable.
  11. Beautiful shoes!
  12. OMGoodness! U have some 2?! Congrats.
  13. Thanks everyone!! Can't wait to wear them!!! :yahoo:
  14. Enjoy!! Those are super hot. I love the heel detail too.
  15. Thanks pursegrrl!!!

    I wore these for the first time over the weekend...LOOOOOOOVE them...I definitely highly recommend this shoe!!!