my new bbag's damaged i want to cry

  1. i just received my new origan first which i got from shirise sale when i checked the handle it lacked one screw and the bag is barely holding on the bale... i really feel like crying. i thought the screw does not loosen how come mine's missing? I cant use the bag. I called david of shirise and he said il have to call after 4 hrs he's going to check with buyer. for those who did buy from shirise or anyone who has a bbag did this happen to you before? im so disappointed i cant even begin to explain, this is my first bbag. pls HELP..
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  2. OMG! That is terrible. Please keep on them, they must replace your bag or give you a refund. Im so sorry this has been your first Bbag experience.
  3. Oh no. I hate that you have to wait and do this all over again.
    Sorry. That sucks.
  4. That's terrible and how disappointing!! so sorry this happened to you!
    They will have to replace it or give you a refund. I have never seen that happen before on a new bag. Keep us posted.
  5. OH no! that is so sad. I can't believe that happened to you.
  6. oh nooooooooooooo, i can't believe they sent that to you :sad: ...i'm sure they'll take it back though kahk3000...i've never bought anything from them, but i'm sure they don't wanna risk ruining their reputation on this forum :yes:
  7. OMG!!! they should have inspected the bags first before they ship it out...that's sooo disappointing.:rant: :rant:

    Kaka dont worry, i am pretty sure they will replace your bag!
  8. demand a refund if not a replacement!!! that's just not accetable.

  9. thanks ranskimmie i think i should insist they change it i dint even ask to have it changed ... next time im going to buy from bal ny

    mine's an international order and it has to happen to me when i live so far away to have it repaired or returned, your right winona it sucks and its my first bbag so it suck much much more i had been so excited to receive this. after this i dunno if i would want to buy one more i was planning to get a city.
  10. That's awful! I think there was one for sale recently on ebay also with a missing screw or rivet or whatever those things are called, so I guess they do come off (although they should certainly be on to begin with!). And you're in the Philippines, right--which makes shipping/returning more complicated? (That was the bag that I called Shirise back about because they were waiting for your fax!) I'm so sorry! I'm sure they'll make it right in some way.
  11. sorry OT: kaka are you're also from the Philippines like me?:rolleyes:

    kaka awwww im sorry that your first bbag experience turned out to be like that...dont worry..everything's gonna be ok soon, demand for replacement and ask for your shipping refund...:shame:
  12. kaka -- i am sorry this happened to you. I trust they will do the right thing. Again, the store and the people who work there are great.
  13. kaka, i'm sorry about this! please contact them so they can replace the bag or issue you a refund. wondering how they could've missed something like that before shipment....hmmmmm
  14. I think everything was so crazy that day, that things may have slipped by...
  15. I'm sorry about your bag! I got an origan from Shirise, and the tassels are splitting, but those can be replaced. I'm sure they will make this right for you. So sorry!