my new bbag

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  1. I finally got my petwer hobo!
    Thanks to another PF member who posted about ann's website, I recieved it today and I love it! :heart:

    Ann is truly faboulous. Look down to see that cute pink card she sent with the purse! How friggin adorable is that?

    bbag 002.jpg

    bbag 003.jpg

    bbag 004.jpg

    bbag 005.jpg
  2. :heart: its beautiful!!! congrats!!! :love:
  3. congrats bella, it looks beautiful! Ann is the best to work with! I always check her website to see what goodies she has. Enjoy the bag:cool:
  4. Wow!! the pewter is beautiful!! Congrats and have fun wearing it! :biggrin:
  5. congrats!!! i am glad a PFer got it. i just ordered my second LV from ann. she is really great to work with and fun to talk to.
  6. I am new to the forum. What is Ann's website?

  7. Thank YOU for posting the link in the original thread, else I would have never found it :love:
  8. yay!!! a pewter bag!
    congratulations! i adore the color!!! :love:
  9. very pretty! enjoy and congratulations :love:
  10. You are welcome. I am glad you got it and are happy with it! I saw it and knew someone here would want it. I think two others may have gone to PFers too.
  11. congrats! looks gorgeous.
  12. congrats! i love that bag, i'm so happy that you are the new owner!
  13. omigosh, that day bag is GORGEOUS :yes: ...can you gals tell me where to find ann's website???
  14. beautiful!! like mercury!
  15. Wow! The pewter is amazing! Congratulations!