My new Bbag! Need help!!! Pics inside!

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  1. I just got my Bbag.:yahoo: It's missing metal plate.:sad:How do I know what year and color the bag is?:shrugs: I called BalNY and tried to find out by giving them the number by the tag on the other side of the tag and the SA said he can't do it! I need extra tassels. the SA also said that if i did not buy my bag from them they can't sell me extra tassels...:cursing:.

    SO BALENCIAGA EXPERTS!:tup: ARE U UP for a challenge? The bag was bought in 2006-2007. The back side of the tag reads 115748.496393
    Can it be Maroon?

    The seller does not know.
    The pics are taken with and without flash.

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  2. It looks like 2006 Marron (brown) to me.

    At least I think that's the name of it?
  3. Can it be truffle 2006?

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  4. Looks like Truffle to me.
    Then again, Bal did so many browns, I can't' say I'm absolutely confident :confused1:
  5. Another vote for truffle. I love it! Gorgey!!:nuts:
  6. How can I get extra tassels, if BALNY won't sell them to me?
  7. It's beautiful,Congrats!!!:love:
  8. It looks Marron to me as well. Alya.. try the BalLA store.
  9. You can try a different SA at BalNY - I've heard that some will sell them to you depending on what you say to them.

    I don't know who, but that's just what I heard.
  10. Isn't Truffle a few shades lighter? :confused1:
  11. Congrats! Of course you can buy tassels when they have the color. Just go or phone and say you need them. I bought various tassels at Balenciaga Paris about a year ago, no problems.

    As for the color, here's a pic of my marron/dark olive 2006 Twiggy, maybe this helps, it does look like it:



    The slight olive tones don't really show up in the pics. HTH!
  12. WHat should I say to SA to get the tassels. He said they will have to look me up in a system.... bla bla bla....
    south of france your twiggy has more red undertones.....