My new Bbag.... It's #2 and The start of a new addiction!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to share my joy. I bought my first Bbag about a month back on a vacation. It was the Ocean SGH Day, and I loved it to bits. The leather's perfect and I can't help wishing for more! I absolutely love the Day style. :wlae:

    So to mark the end of a tough week at work, and my first month anniversary with Bbags, I got myself another Day bag, this time in Jaune (RH). :love:

    She's perfect, smooshy and smells divine. and while I was at it, I picked up a lil' sister for her as well. :graucho:

    I have sold 3 LVs and 1 gucci bags so far. Hopefully I can start my Bbag collection soon! I can't wait for pre-spring colours!

    So here you go, my new loves.......

    ps: the pics do not do justice to the wonderfully cheerful yellow that Jaune is.
  2. I LOVE the color of your Jaune!!! I like the more yellowy Jaunes instead of the orangy Jaunes! CONGRATS and WELCOME to our crazy addiction!!!
  3. Both are gorgeous bags! The leather on you Jaune and the color are great! They look perfect on you!!! Congratulations, enjoy!:tup:
  4. Love your Jaune and Ocean! Congrats!
  5. They're both gorgeous! Congrats
  6. Don't you just love that ocean?! And the Jaune looks SOOO PERFECT with it! I'm so happy for you! =D
  7. Congrats! Love the Jaune and her lil' red sister!:woohoo:
    If you dun mind me asking, did you get them from BalSg at hilton (i'm assuming you are fr Sg)?
  8. Congrats on your 2nd bbag! I think that's the nicest jaune I've seen so far- the leather looks great!
  9. GORGEOUS!!! Enjoy and wear them with a great big smile.
  10. Congrats on the start to a new addiction, they're beautiful!
  11. so beautiful! congrats! love your collection.
  12. Wow, beautiful! Congrats and welcome to the club! :flowers:
  13. Congrats! Great color choices & I love the Day! Enjoy :love:
  14. Congratulations ... beautiful bags .... BBags are soo addicted .. I just got myself 3 bags this month!!
  15. Congrats it really does look wonderful on you, I wish I wasn't such a chicken when it comes to wearing bright colors.