My new "Bay"by is here!!! Open the box with me!

  1. This was very quick and painless ....I ordered from Sacoche Boutique aka Chloe Bahrain...I ordered on 3/7 and got it yesterday!!

    I am going to upload more photos after my camera charges....right in the middle of these pics it went dead...sorry....
    dsc01812 (2).jpg dsc01813 (2).jpg dsc01816 (2).jpg
  2. :lol: This is the best post ever, just the package and then you make us wait for the bag! Come on camera, charge charge charge! :p
  3. lets see it!!!!
  4. Is it black?? :drool:
  5. I can't wait...:p
  6. :popcorn:
  7. common!
  8. Have you opened it yet?

    *sits on edge of seat* :biggrin:
  9. It's the camel ...East/West Bay's yummy....I'm taking the camera off the back soon....Please Stand By !!!
  10. O.k. here goes ....please excuse my sweats...I am doing laundry time to change into a cute outfit...
    dsc01818 (2).jpg dsc01822 (2).jpg
  11. :yahoo::nuts::drool:

    B - E - A - utiful! Enjoy, what a gorgeous bag. The more I see them the more I like the Bay.
  12. Beatiful!!! Congrats!! :smile:
  13. lovely the leather looks amazing

  14. I ordered on 3/7 and received on 3/13 (not bad, considering a weekend was part of that time)
  15. gorgeous.

    I love this bag, so happy for you