My new Bay bag in Violet Patent Leather *pics*

  1. Hi Everyone!

    As you may have read in another thread, I bought the small size Bay in Violet Patent leather yesterday :yahoo:

    I took some pictures for you this morning before I left for work but the light wasn't brilliant as it was still a little dark outside :push: I will do some more pics at the weekend in full daylight and perhaps some modelling pics if I'm feeling brave enough:shame:

    In the meantime, here are the pics I did today. The colour is more vivid IRL, like a magenta/purple mix.....just gorgeous:love:

    What do you think so far? Don't forget to check back in a couple of days for better pics....


  2. Hi Balchlfen- nice to see you here :flowers:

    Your new bay is gorgeous- I love the colour, really lovely strong shade- congratulations :smile:
  3. Beautiful colour very nice
  4. :woohoo:Congratulations Balchlfen - she's absolutely :love: gorgeous :love:. Truly,truly stunning ( almost edible :lol:!). Wear her in good health and enjoy:smile: !
  5. SOO pretty! You are really going to enjoy her I think!
  6. Oh my god your bag looks so tasty (like a sweet!) I could eat here. Conrats, shes beautiful. I'd love to see some modeling pics to get an odea of size.

    Stunning bag!
  7. Okay you Brits, you have to stop buying all the beautiful purple Bays. There won't be any left for the rest of us, waaaaaah

    Bal your bag (like Tag's) is to die for. Chloe's patent is the pinacle of gorgeousness to moi. You have style, color and texture. I am jealous!!

    Not to sound like a broken record but I would love to see this style of Bay in a modeling pic to get a perspective on the bag.

    Hearty congratulations. You were wise to jump on this purse.
  8. Thank you for your kind words everyone :flowers:

    I will be sure to post more pics at the weekend...including a modelling shot :shame:
  9. OMG, you take the most stunning pics as usual! That bag is TDF! Enjoy her to bits....
  10. I am really loving the bag. It is just the most gorgeus colour. Congrats on a stunning bag:tup:
  11. Wow, a stunner, love it!!
  12. Wow!! Such a pretty purple bag!
  13. beautiful! love it! thanks for the pictures!
  14. WowWWW!! That is absolutely gorgeous:drool:

  15. Oooh yeah! This is the color of the year! When I first laid eyes on it in a photo I was in shock from how pretty it was. And THEN - when I saw it IRl I was ready to pass out. I am holding it in that picture on the LVR shopping page post, but you can't see the colors as well because of the poor lighting. Bal is perfectly correct that the colors change slightly in the lighting. It is TDF and you are one lucky gal to have it already!!! Can't wait to see modeling pics.