My new baubles!!! So excited!

  1. Okay! Today my sapphire and diamond bracelet finally arrived! I also bought 2 diamond paved bangles, and a white gold chain bracelet that has a few diamonds scattered was hard to get a clear pic of it...but it looks great on! Do you think the sapphire bracelet looks too OTT with the other bracelet I took a pic of it with?? I wear that one everyday and I kind of like them together. I think I have to slow down on the shopping for awhile! Let me know what you all think of my new treasures!:biggrin:
    Picture 038.jpg Picture 039.jpg Picture 042.jpg Picture 043.jpg
  2. beautiful. I love sapphires. I love flashy jewelry as long as you are not overly accessorized so no I don't think they look OTT. You are def going to get a ton of compliments on the sapphire bracelet.
  3. All of these bracelets are gorgeous, Sunshine! You must have some jewelry collection! The sapphire bracelet is stunning! The bangles are outstanding! LOVE them! Enjoy these truly fabulous treasures!
  4. They're beautiful.
  5. I love them! As long as you dress simple, I don't think they will be OTT.
  6. Thanks ladies! It was fun to share.
  7. beautiful bracelets... i dont think it will be OTT as long as the rest of you is fairly simple. they look great i love the sapphires
  8. I love them all!! :love: They are absolutely gorgeous, where them however you want!!!! I want you to dress in all black one day and wear all your diamonds. Like a black sleeveless top and black capris and black stilettos and YOUR DIAMONDS!!!
  9. :nuts::love: those are amazing! i especially love the bangles! the colored sapphires are so pretty and unique! i always look forward to your posts of have fabulous taste. :flowers:

    i always say the more bling the better, so i don't think the two bracelets together look too OTT...then again, if i had the means i would be totally OTT so take that for what it is :smile:
  10. Thank you Ilzabet! You are so sweet!

    I would not dare wear all my stuff together...I like one or two bracelets on my right arm then my watch on my left, wedding ring, earrings and sometimes a necklace...I go in phases.
    But I am IN LOVE with this sapphire bracelet!

    Thanks for the kind words guys are the best.
  11. i love the bangles and the multirow bracelet. the sapphire bracelet is nice too just not me ;) but anyway congrats :flowers:
  12. those are beautiful, enjoy!
  13. Beautiful bracelts!! You have quite the collection! Would love to see more pics that I can drool over and yell at my DH to get em some more bling!
  14. Sunshine I LOVE your bracelets YOU HAVE Wonderful taste
  15. your pave bangles are GORGEOUS!! i love all your jewelry that you've shared you have such beautiful taste :smile: