My new Batignolles Vertical & Pochette (with pics)

  1. So, after much thought last night, I decided to exchange the Luco tote because it was simply too big for me. I originally wanted to exchange it for the Manhattan PM, but just fell in love with Batignolles Vertical after trying it on.:love: I know the Horizontal fits more stuff, but since I'm petite, Vertical makes me look *slightly* taller.:biggrin: Here are some pics. What do girls think? I think they look better on me than the Luco!
    Picture 189.jpg Picture 192.jpg Picture 196.jpg
  2. Good choice! It looks great on you! Love the pochette as well :smile:
  3. Yay... 2 new LV bags!!!:nuts:
  4. Great purchases, they both look great on you.
  5. LOVE this on you! I think you made a good decision, this "fits" you better!
  6. Looks great! :smile:
  7. Glad you posted this wearing it b/c I didn't know the bag was that size. I never tried it one in the boutique. Great bag :idea:
  8. I too like the vertical on me. I think it does make you look (feel) taller! Congrats!
  9. Great bags! Congrats!
  10. I thought the Luco looked good on you but this is a much better choice! Congrats!
  11. Thanks girls!! I can't stop looking at my bags! Now I understand all the raves about Batignolles Horizontal/Vertical! :nuts:
  12. You made a nice choice. I'm glad you went with your instinct.

    I had the same problem deciding between the speedy and my new popincourt!
  13. Good choice...looks great on you! I just bought the bv also and it's nice to see how it looks on someone else!
  14. Very nice!!!
  15. Looks perfect on you! Are you going to use it as a work bag or every day bag?