My new batignolles horizontal

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  1. Hi everyone. I just purchased a batignolles horizontal and i just love it :love:so! I have to share with you all the story on why i decided to get this purse. After being on this forum day and night and admiring all the lv purses on the lv website, i decided to get an everyday purse instead of getting what i originally wanted which was the red epi speedy 25 or soufflot. I was doing the research on the batignolles last week thursday. I also noticed that a few of you who own this purse just love it!:love: Sooo... i decided that my next purse (not knowing when i'd purchase it) would be the horizontal batignolles. Friday comes (next day), and i'm at the hospital (work) and the first patient that i come to meet with is carrying the batignolles. IT WAS A SIGN!:idea: THAT WAS IT!:smile: I WAS SOLD!:biggrin: I felt it was unprofessional of me to ask about her purse:nuts: but i did anyway and she didnt seem to mind. I called my husband from work and said "I'm getting the purse tonight!!!" and thats what we ended up doing. Right after work, we rushed to hollywood and highland and picked up my new baby and I just love it!!!!! As soon as I find time, I'll take pictures and post them.
  2. Congrats! I bought the exact same bag last month & I love it =) You can carry a million things in there & still look so sassy!
  3. Kewl! I'm dying for that bag!!! ENJOY!
  4. that's soooo funny! I carry a million and one things in that purse! My husband was looking for the keys in my purse and he said "it hasnt even been 1 week and you have all this crap in it" ha ha ha!:nuts: ... I'm really loving it. Thanks
  5. Oh, you live in LA! I'm from LA! (unfortunately, I'm away for college right now)... aww just hearing about hollywood & highland makes me homesick. But anyway- Congrats on the new bag! hehe =D
  6. Welcome to the club! I've been carrying mine all's a great bag. It was my first LV and is my favorite.

    There's an LV boutique on Hollywood and Highland??
  7. Nice! I miss CA :sad: I have the horizontal as well and its a great everyday. I bought it to use as a schoolbag but it was a tad too small for that.
  8. Hi pseub. Hi was reading your thread which showed the batignolles (your extended family) which helped me decide that i wanted that purse.:amuse: Its great! There is a botique on hollywood and highland. I believe its on the second level of that great big shopping complex and fairly close to the escalators.
  9. Thanks katiepie. I'd be homesick as well if i ever left LA. Born and raised.:biggrin:
  10. Great choice, I love the shape of the batignolles family !
  11. NICE! Enjoy it!!!
  12. I was thinking my next one would either be the batignolles horizontal, an epi speedy or the tod's paro shopping media. As of today, the preference is in that order. (It was definitely the batignolles until Soybean001 posted the tod's photos the other day... )
  13. Congrats! This bag has grown on me as well, I want it!! :love: