My 'new' bar flap jumbo and her little sister...

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  1. I was so happy I found this bag. I had it in my mind for a long time and the last time I saw one for sale it was in pretty bad shape, so I passed up on that one.... But! Then this one came along and I went for it immediately! Luckily it was from a fellow tpf-er (probably why she looks so well taken care of :love:).
    I have had the small waist bag for a while, (which I use more as an evening bag with the strap I made for her) and now she finally has a big sister! I just LOVE this style and the lambskin is just as soft as butter... :girlsigh:
    And the size is really perfect. I really have a thing for having a small and a big version of bags, lol!

    Anyway, just wanted to share, hope you enjoy the pics I added!

    I found a fabric flower in one of my drawers that I thought looked too cute on her :flowers:
    barflap1.JPG barflap2.JPG barflapachter.JPG barflapflower.JPG barflapinbarflap.JPG
  2. Congrats, It's lovely
  3. wowweee cute bags! congrats!! :tup:
  4. How cute, congrats.
  5. The matching biggie and lil' one is so cute! Love the addition of the black flower - looks great!

    Congrats Roxane!
  6. Real cute Roxana, it looks very roomy and soft. And the flower on top makes it all complete! Congratulations and enjoy your big and little sister!
  7. They're both so beautiful! Congratulations.
  8. Thanks you all! With everyone posting their gorgious new metallic reissues, I thought I'd throw in an 'oldie'... :p
    Received her today and just had to share!
  9. congrats! i love all those pockets on the back!
  10. congrats i love it !!! it's gorgeous!!!
  11. congrats on your beautiful new jumbo! and i love the flower detailing you added! :yes:
  12. Congrats! What a perfect duo!

  13. ^thanks! they are perfect together, aren't they?! ;) :drinks:
  14. Gorgeous! I have never seen this flap before in real life but it is so classy in the pics. The flower looks very good with it.
  15. Thanks for cute together! Congratulations..