My new bandeau + my collection + my intro

  1. First and foremost I would like to say hi here. With under 100 posts Im still kinda new and I never introducted myself on TPF. So hi to everyone!! I think you are all great and Im glad TPF exists because I have gotten so much info and eye candy on here. :girlsigh:

    For those who I promised pictures of my new MC bandeau, without further ado... (click on all pics to enlarge)

    Ebay 069.jpg

    Ebay 070.jpg

    This is my small LV collection, I got my first almost 7 years ago with the pochette but I must admit I have not been keeping up. But now with a new job and some strict saving rules Im putting myself on a ban for EVERYTHING except bills and rent until I buy an Azur speedy. My problem is Im ALWAYS spending my money on stupid crap like expensive deli lunches everyday and bags that are not LV :crybaby:

    Ebay 071.jpg

    There is the Mini Monogram Josephine Pm in Khaki which I use for an everyday bag, the Vernis Reade MM in Rouge which I have never used and have serious buyers remorse about, my 2 bandeaus, the Monogram Looping MM and the Monogram Pochette

    And lastly, a pic of my new favorite pair of shoes that I think EVERYONE should get a pair cause they are super cute and comfy, my new Louboutins

    Ebay 072.jpg

    I cant bring myself to go on a shoe ban. I love shoes almost as much as LV!!

    Anyway, thanks for looking, and I cant wait to get to know everyone better.
  2. welcome to tPF and thanks for the pics.
  3. Welcome! I love your 2 bandeaus!!
  4. Welcome to TPF
  5. hello and welcome!!! why buyers remorse over the reade??? you should use it its lovely!!! xx
  6. It feels bulky. I dont mind bags that dont fit on my shoulder, but the MM is huge!! Im 5'0 and here I am with this big bag on my hand.
  7. Welcome. Cute collection! :yahoo:
  8. Welcome! Congrats on your beautiful collection.
  9. welcome to tPF!!!
  10. Welcome! Your LV things are TDF!!! :smile:
  11. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!
  12. welcome! =) beauitiful bandeau! id love to have one in white :yes:
  13. Hi there! You have a nice collection going!
  14. Welcome to TPF! Great collection there!
  15. Welcome!!! Great collection...