my new Banan Republic Bag

  1. what do u think?
  2. Cute! Banana Republic has put out some nice bags. It looks nice and squishy! :tup:
  3. I love it...did you get it in the store? I don't see it online....
  4. yes, i found it in the store in San Diego, $109 USD
  5. i love their bags, cute!
  6. They have great bags - love their leathers! Enjoy it!
  7. I have a bag very similar to that from Banana Republic and the leather on it is amazing! Nice bag.
  8. it's so dark, it's hard to see, but it looks great from what I can see!
    BR has some fantastic bags and leathers!:yes:
  9. It's nice! BR actually has some amazing leather bags! My sister got me one for Christmas and it's some of the softest leather I've ever felt. And they're not too expensive, either. What could be better?
  10. Great looking bag, BR has had some great bags the past few years.
  11. ok i finally found the post i was looking for. i have been starting to regret this purchase. i really love it and wanted it to be my fall-winter bag. (my coats our tan leather, camel wool, red puffer and silver puffer). but i realized i wear a lot of black pants. will this look mismatched? pls help!
  12. Great jeans bag. I would say that even though you wear a lot of black pants your outerwear is not black, so I think it will look good. They are all neutrals and if worn properly I don't think you will have problems. JMO.
  13. adorable! congrats ;)
  14. Congrats! :tup:
  15. Love it!! I love Banana Republic bags.