My new bals

  1. :wlae:here r the pics of my new truffle first and camel box
    niki bday 006.jpg niki bday 009.jpg
  2. Wow, umamanikam, great bags!! Enjoy them.
  3. congrats umamanikam, they're such pretty neutral colors & i love the box :drool:
  4. :yes: gorgeous!! my 2 fav colors!!
  5. Pretty bags, congrats
  6. i love the camel box!!! it looks like a piece of candy lol.
  7. nice bags!!
  8. definetely loooks like caramel fudge YUM!:amuse: congrats!
  9. congrats uma love the truffle first :smile: can you pls post more pics of it i wanna get one tia
  10. nice nice nice!
  11. more snaps
    niki bday 008.jpg niki bday 007.jpg niki bday 006.jpg niki bday 005.jpg
  12. large phote of truffle
    niki bday 005.jpg
  13. I don't like the box size that much but I adore your truffle it looks fabulous!
  14. Very pretty!! Congratulations!!! Those are some wonderful colors!!
  15. Gorgeous, congrats!