My new balenciaga velo rh blue roi

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  1. I got it for few weeks. Balenciaga velo rh blue roi it 's perfect for my activity.
    I love it cuz
    1. It has very light weight.
    2. The leather is very perfect for me.
    3. Can crossbody
    4. Can ware in many style like my pics show


    Now I love this bag, it make me :yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Beautiful bag Lilacaeng, I tried one on in Bellevue, Washington earlier in the year and it truly is a wonderful style. Love the color you chose.
  3. The Velo really suits you, congratulations!
  4. oooohhh congrats!
  5. Thanks Minimouse the colour is beautiful it 's the blue color and has under tone purple.

    Thanks KDC I think so.:P

  6. I'm glad your loving your velo! Ita such a pretty blue. Dose it tend to look darker IRL? Some of the pics it looks darker and others it looks lighter. I've only seen it IRL once in barneys but it looked much lighter than in your pics, maybe because of their lighting.
  7. It 's not darker I think it 's the beautiful color blue and have purple under tone.
  8. It is really beautiful! Enjoy you new gorgeous Bal!
  9. congrats! cute pics!! looks so good on you! i love the velo style too!
  10. lilacaeng, congratulations! :woohoo: I love your Bleu Roi Velo! I've got the same one and love it to bits! We're bag twins! :biggrin: Unfortunately I don't carry it as often as I should. I will make an effort to take it out tomorrow!

    Your mod photos are awesome, it's great how you show the versatile nature of this style. You're right, it's so lightweight, it's the best travel bag I've gotten. My friend has one too and can't stop carrying it. :biggrin:
  11. ooooh, so lovely! I love my covered velo, now this is making me want one in rh too! :graucho: Thanks for sharing!
  12. Your bag looks fab! congrats
  13. congrat
  14. you look great! love the velo!
  15. Nice! Does anyone know if the Velo comes in rggh?