My New Balenciaga Money Wallet

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  1. Hello all,

    i finally bought a wallet last weekend luv bbags and looking forward to getting all colors lol...:yahoo:
  2. Congrats!!! But do show us a pic puhhleeze?
  3. Pics Pics!! You're a fellow New Jersian (sp?) I see! I'm still contemplating my first bbag! :girlsigh:
  4. What colour?
  5. fellow Jersian here too!!! let's see the pics!! I went to the BalNY today and saw a wallet I loved. I wonder if it the same one?
  6. Great to hear that....don't forget to post pics...welcome to the money wallet's a very versatile wallet and i use it for clutch sometimes if i don't bring a bag.....:smile:
  7. I wanna know what colour, too!!
    And can you post pics? We all love looking at pictures!:p
  8. Oh I :heart: the MONEY wallet!! I just missed one a couple of weeks ago at my favourite Auctionsite in Denmark:crybaby: Can't wait to see pics..
  9. Hey,

    i am having trouble inserting my picture...but here is wallet that looks similar i have the one that snaps in the front is like a tabac color. bought it at the short hills NM....

  10. I also live in NJ. I'm always at the SHM :smile:

    Enjoy your wallet!!!!!!!
  11. Congrats.:yahoo: Money wallets are the best ones.:yes:
  12. congrats! lovely.
  13. love that color. I love all the browns they have.