My New Balenciaga bag!

  1. Finally, she is here. Pale Magenta Part-Time GSH. :yahoo:

    Indoor without flash
    Magenta 005.jpg

    Outdoor without flash
    Magenta 006.jpg

    Comparison of 07 Le Magenta and 08 Pale Magenta
    Magenta 008.jpg
  2. :drool: That is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Well done! :tup:
  3. I'm drooling! Congrats:smile:
  4. :drool: Your new bag is gorgeous!
  5. What a pair of beautiful sisters! They both are gorgeous and TDF!
  6. thanks for the comparison pics! the new magenta is really pretty... congrats!
  7. Your new bag is gorgeous - congrats!
    BUT I've been dying to see the 08 magenta with the LE magenta - they look the same! Is it just the picture or do they look very similar IRL?
  8. love it!
  9. [​IMG]

    Thank you so much for the comparison photos - they are so helpful! :tup:
  10. Indoor w/o flash:

  11. Outdoor w/o flash

  12. I love them both!!! Your 08 pale magenta is just gorgeous - I love it so much!!!! :heart::heart: The silver hardware - wow - it takes my breath away!
  13. congratsss. so beuatiful they are
    may i ask... which one u like more? :p
  14. So pretty ... I wish my money tree would grow already! Congrats and enjoy!
  15. What a fabulous combo! You are so lucky...this bag is amazing!