My new bal mangue rggh wallet

  1. My new wallet! I'm in love
    image-1021375686.jpg image-3858567328.jpg image-2490314309.jpg image-1168723794.jpg image-3297002909.jpg
  2. Very cute wallet! Congrats!
  3. stunning!
  4. Super cute!
  5. Gorgeous, u won't loose that in your bag, it's a lovely colour
  6. Mangue sunshine for the upcoming cold gloomy winter :smile:
    (for us in the northeast of the US anyway!)
  7. Very nice! Love it. Congrats!
  8. Outstanding!!! Love the color here.
  9. Very pretty !! Little sunshine ~~
  10. This is a great looking wallet!
  11. Love the pop of color! Congrats!
  12. love this, such a warm beautiful color :sunnies
  13. Vibrant!
  14. Thanks everyone! The color is amazing!! :smile:
  15. :loveeyes: congrats:smile:))