My new Bal Harbour Satchel w/ pics

  1. I just received my new Bal Harbour Satchel. I purchased it from eBay and had stressed over the authenticity, but everything checked out prior to the shipping. He even included the invoice from It is a great bag. It has a 70's vibe to me. The chain is especially 70's. The chain is a little heavy, however. I am feeling guilty as I now have an Elastic Quilted Blue Stam and the Mocassin Bal Harbour Satchel.:girlsigh:

  2. Very cute bag! I do like the Bal Harbour line. I've only recently discovered it! I hope you enjoy it well! Will you be posting pics holding/modeling it? And don't worry about owning both this one and the elastic quilted blue stam. Both are completely different bags and I'm sure youll find different occasions to wear either!
  3. lovely bag. congrats! what color is this one? it does have that 70s cool vibe. very cool...
  4. i really liked the bags from the bal harbor line. they were so glam. congrats! the color is awesome.
  5. Gorgeous!! At least the chain is detachable... I've always loved this bag.
  6. Beautiful bag. I really like that group of bags, too.
  7. I love it! And the color is great and so wearable!
  8. Congrats--it's a beautiful bag!!
  9. Very chic!!
  10. I love the Bal Harbour bags!! It has such a classy and downtown feel to it. Congrats!!
  11. No, no, don't feel guilty, these are two very different bags! I LOVE the Bal Harbour (I want one in black myself), and the great thing about it is those adjustable straps and the removable chain, very practical IMO. Congrats, and enjoy:heart::heart:
  12. LOVE!

    I have the Karen bag, which is very similar to this one, and I think it may be my very favorite MJ bag. It's hard to explain just how fabulous it looks on. When I saw it on the shelf I wasn't sure but it looks just amazing on the arm.

    Congrats on your new baby!
  13. Love it...GORGEOUS!!! Congrats.