My new bags!

  1. Here is the pond shoulder I got today, and I even took a pic of the inside of it stuffed. I also got the small punch tote. I'm still deciding on the mandy in natural.....:confused1:
    pinky.jpg with flash.jpg on shoulder.jpg shoulder stuffed.jpg
  2. Those are so beautiful! Enjoy
  3. love it! I just tried on that tote in bloomies tonight, it was reallly comfy and roomy..
  4. Your new bags are fabulous!
  5. Love, love, love that tote!
  6. Congratulations and you picked two beautys. I love the pond and I got to see the punch today and I was pleasantly surprised how nice it is in person.
  7. Congrats ... Love your new bags! Enjoy! :yahoo:
  8. Enjoy!!!!
  9. Your photo of the punch tote is much brighter than the one on Is it really that bright? If so, then I have to have it!
  10. Gorgeous! Congrats
  11. both bags are nice....the punch is very pretty.
  12. I'm literally sitting over here drooling over the punch tote:drool: ....Congrats
  13. Lovely choices! Enjoy!!
  14. I love your bags! You have great taste!
  15. i love it all! wear them in the best of health!