My new bags!!!!

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  1. Here are photos of the new additions to my collection! I haven't received the Foresta Corriere yet, but it's on it's way!

    P.S. Sorry for the bad resolution on these photos. I don't have my own camera right now, and am using the camera from work. And this camera uses a floppy disk to store the photos. Yes, a floppy disk!

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  2. Next set of photos:

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  3. Sorry, that Luna photo is awful! I don't have anything to put in it to take a good picture right now!
  4. GoldenAnkh: LOL.. you crack me up with the "floppy disk" :lol: i didn't know there's such a camera.

    anyway, congrats on your new additions - they're lovely! i like your pirata bambinone, how it's got the 2 women on one side, and a different woman on the back. very nice print placement, exactly how i'd love to have pirata if i ever were to get one (i personally think pirata looks really good on smaller bags).

    love your inferno caramella too! nice collection.
  5. ooh nice additions GoldenAnkh !! :yes:
  6. ahhh kyoot caramella! ahhh kyoot bambinone!
  7. The last place I worked also had this same camera! It's crazy! At least it uses the smaller floppy, and not the 1980s sized large floppy. It's crazy silly to use!

  8. hahaha nice additions! i didn't even know floppy disks were still around nowaday!!!
  9. nice bags! i love my pirata bambinone as well!
  10. super cute bags. i luv ur caramella.
  11. Lindsay at Southampton picked it out for me! I love those little bullets!
  12. Sooo cute! Congrats.
  13. wow.. large floppy disks? lol sure sounds like an antique camera :P but in a way, it's kinda cool/cute in a unique manner i guess. kids nowadays wouldn't even know what's a floppy disk.
  14. :lol: off topic again but we used those floppy disk cameras in my newspaper class in high school :lol: they're actually really handy around older computers since those actually came w/ floppy drives. I actually had to add it on for extra $$ when I helped my parents order a new desktop since my father likes them :sweatdrop:
  15. very very cute..Love the inferno caramella