my new bags!!! went a lil crazy

  1. ok so after much deliberation and trial and error processes, ive bought a few new bags. oh and a new keychain to go with one of them!!! oh yeah and new shoes!
    1a4f_1.jpg 5df8_12.jpg 8b22_12.jpg 1420_12.jpg 99062670_tp.jpg
  2. Awesome purchases! Beautiful!!
  3. did!!!! They're all beautiful!!:love: Congrats!!!
  4. Congrats on your purchases. I love everything especially the keychain. Enjoy!
  5. Lovely purchases! I especially like the shoes and the tote with the metallic trim.
  6. Great buys.. I LOVEEEEEE the hearts charm. Did you get it in the boutique or was it an eBay find?
  7. I love your new stuff! The hearts charm is adorable and I love the color of the metallic handles on the tote! Love the shoes too! Thanks for sharing!
  8. OMG!!! I love all of your new things! Congrats!
  9. Great finds, especially the shoes..... congratulations!!
  10. eBay find...a long search and put out a want ad for it. its to match the khaki bag w/ pink metallic trim
    thanks girlies!!!
  11. Oh those shoes are soo cute! Congrats on your haul!! :yahoo:
  12. Great buys....the middle bag (not sure of the name) and the charm are my fav.
  13. Love them, specially the flats!
  14. Great buys! I love the gold weekend hamptons!
  15. Congrats, love everything especially the Gold Hamptons, the keyfob, and the flats!