My New Bags! (pics finally)

  1. Okay girls, I finally uploaded some pics of my 2 new bags!

    This forum has made me want/like more bag styles and prints than I would have originally picked out! **good for me...bad for bank account!** :p

    :choochoo:my paradiso Ciao & foresta trenino :yahoo:
    front ciao paradiso.jpg back ciao paradiso.jpg front foresta trenino.jpg back foresta trenino.jpg
  2. trenino is beautiful!!!! I love the fact that it has the little shark and sandy!!!! Im drooling over here!! :biggrin:

  3. I really like your paradiso. ^^
  4. congrats moofia!! :smile:

    i love the foresta trenino and your ciao is adorable !!
  5. both styles are great! lovely bags :heart:
  6. They're adorable, congrats!
  7. love them both. congrats.
  8. awesome bags... love the trenino!!
  9. oh the ciao...a loved bag for mine ^^ love urs!
  10. They're both so cuuuute! You got sushi boy TWICE on your ciao!! :nuts: And your trenino is TDF!! :drool: CONGRATS!!
  11. thanks thanks!!!! I owe these cute prints and styles to all your gals' great posts about deals/print placements/etc... :cutesy:
    I luv seeing all your bags too!

    some of my fav characters are the sushi boy and the pucca-look-alike as well as the shark :smile:
  12. oh moofia! Thanks for sharing the pics. Love them! And I think the Paradiso Ciao is super cute!
  13. congratz! cute bags :tup:
  14. congrats!!