My new bags, help with color, style?

  1. Hi Balenciaga experts! I'm usually in the Chanel section, but I have a love for B bags too :yes:. I was in my NM last night, and picked up these two beauties.

    I think the purple one is a Day? Is this color known as purple or violet? :shrugs:

    And my green first, anyone know the correct color name for that one? :confused1:

    Thanks for any light you can shed on these bags for me :tup:


  2. Gorgeous bags! Looks like you picked up a Violet SGH (silver giant hardware) Day and a Pine First!
  3. Thanks Murphy66!
  4. They are both beautiful! I have a Violet Twiggy and a Pine Twiggy and use them ALL the time. The colours are extremely versitile for such bright, vivid hues. Fantastic choices!

    Congratulations and welcome to the Bbag forum! :welcome:
  5. Wow! A lucky night at NM!
  6. Nice diverse coLors~!!! Welcome to the Bal Thread...:tup:
  7. What delicous colors! Congratulations on your Bal purchases.
  8. Thanks all, I think I'm gonna like it here :tup::yes::p
  9. congratulations and welcome! i love the pine first. :smile: and the gsh with the violet is simply :drool:
  10. Gorgeous colors! The leather looks delicious. Congrats
  11. DD101.... you made it to the Bbag side.:welcome: Oh ya, you're gonna love it here.

    I love both of your bags, but I am partial to your violet SGH day.:love:
  12. soo pretty! what a great haul. love your violet day and pine first! congrats!
  13. Love both of your new bags. The colors are just beautiful and the leather so yummy... Congratulations!
  14. Congrats!!!
    These are the 2 colors in my wishlist!
    And the leather on both are just so wow! :drool:
  15. Wow, your bags are gorgeous but I especially love that gorgey pine First........the leather is delish!!!!