My new bags and things!!

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  1. I've been shopping a bit lately. I shouldn't be since we arent getting a return this year:cry: but at least we dont owe. Anyway the news of no return made me shop to cheer myself up,lol. I've got a lot and still have 2 small things coming. we go....
  2. Jade Hailey?!
    Ps.nice nails!
  3. oops
  4. [​IMG]
  5. :couch:
  6. Love the colour! Congrats!
  7. ooh that teal is soo nice
  8. The jade should be really fun to carry. The next one isnt a very good picture but it is a beautiful bag in person. Oh and sorry I am new at posting all these pics...never done such a big post before.[​IMG]

    and this to's silver. bad iphone pics
  9. and in

    the pair
  10. I just purchased my first Hailey....and it is love. I had the choice between the same two you purchased and I picked Jade. But now I want to run back and get the!

  11. Great stuff! Love the Hailey!
  12. I'm really liking gold lately so here is some more
  13. Now for the Blue! I normally dont like very many signature bags but I thought this was a cute every day tote.


    I still have some thing silver and something pink coming:happydance:This was shopping therapy lol
  14. You good,lol. Thanks it's OPI I'm not really a waitress.

    I also have a non coach I bough a month ago if anyone wants to see...can I do that? post another bag here?
  15. omg that silver sig purse is a need for me! do you have the style number please