My new bags and first non-paddy!

  1. Small Bay with Shoulder strap in Elephant

    I absolutely love this bag, it came in so many colours too, I wish I could get them all - especially the bright blue which is the one that first caught my eye until the SA produced about 6 different colours...


    Small Paddington Capsule - Bleu Nuit


    These join my existing Paddington Trio

  2. Beautiful bags! Congrats! You have an amazing collection! THe colors on the paddys and the Bay are so yummy!!:heart:
  3. Congratulations on quite the collection...they are all gorgoues!
  4. LOVE the elephant...such a rich & elegant color!!
    Also love the bay style...CONGRATS :smile:
  5. Really fabulous assortment of bags! Isn't it great to have a lot to choose from?
  6. Oh, beautiful!!! Love that color!!!! Congrats!!!
  7. What a beautiful collection!! So stylish and fun!!
    By the way, are 2 of your paddys minis?
  8. ^^Yeah the Red and Metallic are minis.

    Thanks everyone for looking and sharing your appreciation.:heart:
  9. I like them all, but this is my favourite! :love:
  10. Love the red baby paddy! Nice collection!
  11. I love the big pulls on the bay! I just saw one for the first time just the other day. I love em! Nice Buy!
  12. i'm in love your your small bay :heart:
  13. Georgeous bags! Congrats!
  14. Absolutely gorgeous!!!
  15. congrats!!