My new baggies!!

  1. my pics are too large and I'm too lazy to resize them for the forum lol... so links it is!

    Here's the spiaggia zucca I got today from pulse!! I wanted more characters on the front but I think this one is pretty good on it's own :biggrin:

    this is the adios star mamma mia I HAD to have today... I wanted a zucca but this was too good for me to pass up IMO
    the two sides are pretty much identical which I really like actually...
    edit: OH I forgot to take a picture of the top... the zippers have the little baby japanese girl in the center on both sides pretty much fully :smile: so cute!

    I found a foresta portatelefono after not finding one yesterday

    as a result I have also this citta portatelefono I got yesterday...

    I think my bf wants me to sell one tho :sad: but I want both! :sad:
  2. Great pix Tehlilone! The back of your Spiaggia Zucca is similar to the back of mine! Except my print is about an inch lower. :smile:
    Zucca back.JPG Zucca front.JPG
  3. nice finds!
  4. omg they're all so awesome!! where did u buy them from? :biggrin: i need tips from the shopping gurus! m_m
  5. Thanks ladies :biggrin:

    - spiaggia from pulse
    - adios from Nordstrom in brea
    - foresta from Nordstrom in brea
    - citta from Nordstrom in costa mesa

    I basically check out all macy's, Nordstrom, etc in an 1/2 hr radius most of the time every few weeks
  6. Cupcakekiss.. I'm a novice.. these girls here are toki gurus! haha.. We ordered from! Call and Casey or Erin will hook you up! THey're awesome! =)
  7. wowsers congrats! :biggrin:
  8. oh wow congrats on all your bags! MAN! where are MY bags?! phooey..seems like people in the bay area and so kali all got their bags..what about poor lil me up in nor kali..x.x i really hope no one stole it! i'd be PISSED!
  9. I was shocked that there was a package at my door today! I ordered on Friday in the afternoon.. They ship fast!
  10. bubblesung did you check the tracking? I hope you get yours soon! what exactly did you order?
  11. dont worry bubblesung im sure your package will arrive :graucho:

    leen619: congrats!!! show some pics!
  12. I'm trying to convert my darn images.. i got my BV and Denaro. I'm not diggin the Denaro.. but then again Pulse only received 4 they said. My BV i like the placement, but it's the same on the back. I guess if someone really liked a certain placement, they wouldn't care if it was on the back. Me? I guess I want different prints! LOL.. ok hold on.. i'm laggin...
  13. Ok here's my BV and Denaro. I'm still debating on keeping the BV. I realize I want two different prints on each side. I'm getting picky like you guys! HAHA. At first I didn't care.. but now I do!

    As for the Denaro.. i'm gonna return it.

    (5 more min till Mayday..!!) I didn't participate.. i came in late.. but i'm excited for you guys! lol
    BV front.JPG BV back.JPG BV bottom.JPG Spiaggia Denaro.JPG
  14. lol... i hate it when the strap of something or other is fastened to a characters head... it's funny and sad

    I want a denaro w/ the deer w/flowers in the middle or near there and the unicorn on the other side. Doubt I'll ever see that tho :lol:
  15. Oh I know..! That black strap thingy.. cuts off a part of a favorite character!! no like that tooo!!

    Has anyone returned anything back to Pulse? I know they charge an $8 shipping fee right? i won't mind that. Is it per bag or do I just return everything in one box and I pay for my own shipping at USPS?? And then I get charged again for the $8? I'm confused..