My new bag

  1. Hould i keep or get a different one



  2. Not a big fan of this style (sorry!). I think that you should get a Baguette instead.
  3. Thanks for your advice but the i had a larger bag in mind than the baguette. I do like those too but i have enough small bags
  4. I would keep it. The chef bags are some of my favorites. I've had a leather version of this bag for a few years and it has held up quite well. I also have the tote in the signature fabric and that's held up great, too. Enjoy your new bag!
  5. I say keep it! I like bigger bags too and I love this one!
  6. Thanks addy. Im gonna. I want one in the classic mustard yellow color I love that color
  7. I have this style I love it!!!! Keep!!!
  8. I say keep it! I love it and have been eyeing it that the large size?
  9. My new baby...LOVE IT! :smile:
  10. I don't care for this style for myself--it's a little too much logo print for me. I guess you have to consider whether you love it or not. Good luck with your decision! :smile:
  11. I have owned this bag & I have to say I love it! You have to see it IRL!

    It has a unique design that is just beautiful. When you set it down, it puffs out at the bottom (but holds its head high so to speak) & the shape is artistry IMO. It is called a Chef bag because it is like an upside down Chef's hat.

    It came out at the same time as the Spy Bag, which also is very round and puffy at the bottom....;)

    Enjoy your Bag! :tup:
  12. I agree! I saw this in person, and it is a great bag style. Unique. Have fun with your new bag.
  13. Your new baby is the two tone panels! I saw this online very recently and was wondering two things...

    How heavy is it, and is the color on the right panel black?
  14. I wonder why
  15. Thank you. It isn't heavy at all very light. The color is dotted white/black calf hair on right panel.:smile: