My New Bag

  1. Hi Ladies,

    My mother-in-law knows that I love bags so she sent me one from Australia.

    I'll let you form your own opinions.
    DSC_0001.jpg DSC_0002.jpg DSC_0005.jpg
  2. :oh:
  3. Hmmm.....looks like something my MIL would buy me!
  4. interesting!:blink:
  5. Great for the grocery store! I love unusual tote bags! (it's a tote bag right? :blink:
  6. Yeah, it's one of those supermarket bags. Seriously look at her beady eyes - they're freaking me out!
  7. it could be worse

    it could be a horrible obvious fake
  8. I'd use it for grocery shopping!
  9. Use it when it's raining as protection for your purse.
  10. At least she likes you enough to send you a gift. Sometimes, it REALLY is the thought that counts.
  11. Same here, but she means well:oh:
  12. Okay I am an odd ball... I like it. It would be good for grocery games...traveling...Maybe because my name is Lisa but the Mona Lisa is one of my fav paintings. This is definitely a bag I would hang onto...maybe not USE neccessarily...
  13. Sorry but i bust out laughing after reading this , I would use this to carry my books in.
  14. I love Mona! I would use it for the Market, save the paper/plastic! Awww your MIL was thinking of you.
  15. i think its cool