My new bag!

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  1. So I had to post and share the joy of my new LV Damier Alma!! It just came in the mail. I think I told you guys about my affair with the LV Ravello, which I sadly returned after figuring out that no matter how much I wanted a cute little handbag, I would always want more space. So I exchanged it for the Alma, and it's so beautiful (and functional, a good design). Beauty and brains, just like all of us, ladies!

    Sorry about my complete inability to watermark...I just wanted to make sure the photos weren't snatched for eBay! :shame:
    purseblog1.JPG purseblog2.JPG
  2. Oh, edition from first post...Beauty and brains, just like all of us, ladies AND gents :smile:
  3. :huh:h she's beautiful! Congrats! Enjoy!
  4. Glad you found a funtional AND beautiful bag!!!
  5. i love the alma in damier, great choice! it's on my short list of LVs to get, it's such a beautiful bag.
  6. Ooh, love it! The Damier Alma the next LV on my list. Maybe later this year...
  7. Fabulous looking bag. It's just so classy and professional looking !
  8. cute Damier Alma! Congrats!
  9. It's a beautiful bag! Thanks for posting pics! Enjoy!
  10. :love: Enjoy!
  11. Love it! I think the Damier canvas is very sophisticated! Enjoy it!
  12. She's a beauty! :love::love: It's one of my favorite designs from LV. Don't you just love that red interior? Congrats and enjoy!
  13. very nice!
  14. Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  15. Nice! I love the Damier :biggrin: