My New Bag!!

  1. My V-day gift to myself :love:

    I am so happy with the color it really pops and I am liking the new material, very light weight.



  2. I love it!! Congratulations!!! Is this the small or medium??
  3. very nice...... post some modeling pics
  4. Sooooo pretty!!!! You totally deserve a great Valentine's day gift to yourself!!!!! Enjoy!!!! And lemme tell ya, you won't be disappointed w/ this bag! It's awesome!
  5. Great choice!!!
  6. It's the one that's 298$ which I think is the Medium. It's not the smallest one, the smallest one didn't go over my arm too well.

    The guy in the store tried telling me it's the large, but I am pretty sure the real large is over $300.
  7. yeah the large is $358
  8. Congrats, very nice, love the lining!
  9. I'm really happy for you! It's a great bag and so cute!:love:
  10. I have this in large and :heart: it! I second what LA said - you won't be disappointed! Congrats :yahoo::tup:
  11. I love it!!! Congrats
  12. THanks girls!!

    I love everyone here and all the encouragement!

    My only wish is that I had the Strawberry charm to put on it. I tried to order it and couldn't. I am going to start using the bag right away bc it makes me happy, but as I get closer to spring I hope to find the strawberry or another good charm for it.
  13. I saw it irl the other day and I'm so getting it next PCE!!! Congrats!
  14. Congrats! Now you need the matching wristlet and mini skinny :graucho:
  15. I had some stuff from December PCE to exchange today so my store gave me 25% off the new stuff. So I was able to get this same bag today (and the skinny to match) instead of waiting for PCE in March. I am afraid the pink is going to sell out fast - look how popular it is on this forum!! Such a pretty color! Congrats on your bag - I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to wait until spring to use it either!!