My new bag!

  1. Hi! Thanks to all the ladies who gave very sound advice on which bag to get. I'm so very happy with my bag!! Got it last Friday at the LV party and was busy last weekend so just got a few photos. I don't know how to take good pictures but here they are.....

    Can you guess what it is??
  2. Here they are....
    New 031.jpg New 032.jpg New 033.jpg
  3. suhali lockit pm? :smile:
  4. :popcorn:
  5. black epi alma?
  6. So right, ms p! Suhali lockit PM in black. The perfect size. The MM was nice but seemed to be more appropriate for office. Here's the photo as promised and thanks for your advice....:heart:
    New 034.jpg New 035.jpg New 042.jpg New 040.jpg
  7. And my 4th inclusion piece. Grey inclusion PM
    New 044.jpg New 045.jpg New 046.jpg
  8. thats a hot lockit if i've ever seen one ... Congrat's.
  9. Congrats!!
  10. show the bag ! show the bag!
  11. gorgeous!!! congrats!
  12. congrats, suhali lockit is a fabulous bag!
  13. Modeling pics please! So pretty.
  14. wow... congrats!
  15. cool! congrats!