My New Bag

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had gone to Hermes and ordered two bags, a Lindy and the Victoria FT. A week later, my SA called me to inform me that the Lindy I wanted was turning out to be harder to get then expected and it would take longer. Fast forward to this week, my SA called to tell me that they had a Lindy but in a different color. I stopped by the store and fell in love with it, so I purchased it. As for the VTF, my SA told me that the BJ (the one I wanted) was unavailable and she probably wouldn't be able to get one. I asked about the Orange one (2nd choice), which she said was also going to be difficult to get. Something tells me that my MOM had something to do with that. I'm secretly hoping that she had told that so she could surprise me with it at a later time.;)

    Enough babbling....with out further new 30 Etoupe Lindy!!! :yahoo:
    Thanks for letting me share with all of you.
    th_IMG_0651.jpg th_IMG_0653.jpg th_IMG_0655.jpg th_IMG_0656.jpg th_IMG_0657.jpg
  2. :nuts: Is that an Etoupe Swift with GHW?
  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  4. Congrats on the new Lindy!

    Yup, it looks like Etoupe to me.
  5. so happy for u! another member in the Lindy club yay!
  6. Ooops ... Silly me, it was clearly mentioned Etoupe :rolleyes:.
  7. M - so pretty! congratulations and enjoy it in good health!
  9. Yay Lindy!

  10. Congratulations!!!!! Etoupe is so beautiful!!! Enjoy it in the best of health!!!!
  11. etoupe with gold is really unique and very sharp! love it!
  12. I LOVE it! Enjoy!
  13. Congratulations! It is a very nice bag. :tup:
  14. Congratulations!!!
  15. lovely lindy! absolutely beautiful...congrats!:love: