My New Bag!!

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  1. I'm so excited, get this...I got this Rafe bag

    in this color (at Lord and Taylor's)

    the one in my area doesn't carry Rafe, but it was returned their from another store, so because it was the only one, it was marked down to $336.99. Then they had their clearance sale which was 30% off all sale merchandise, so that brought it down to $235.99, then on top of all of that I had a coupon for 20% off all clearance items. My grand total............

    This bag is so unbelievably roomy, I carried it to work today, and I've got everything in their. I'm happy, happy, happy....[​IMG]
  2. So pretty. Enjoy it.
  3. Excellent! And what a pretty bag for spring!
  4. That is a pretty color, but I didn't get that one...actually I just edited my post to show the color I got it in
  5. Very nice...I remember seeing and loving the first style in clutch form. I think Chemlex is the resident Rafe expert, so I'm sure she will be proud.
  6. What a great deal! congrats, it's lovely!
  7. That's so cute, and an awesome deal !
  8. That is cute :biggrin: You got a great deal, congrats!
  9. Thanks guys...

    I just looked at it again. I just love the fact that it's practical and still stylish at the same time.

    -huge inside zip pocket
    -cell phone compartment, and another compartment for whatever.
    -the two front pockets
    -the two pockets on the side, which are crazy spacious, I put my umbrella and my sunglass case in one, the other is still empty until I find somehting to put in there.

    I'm Loving It!
  10. Very cute! Enjoy it!