My new bag!

  1. Okay, I have to stop! I have a Pirata Zucca that will be here at the end of the month, and I just won this on eBay BIN! It has the scene I love on both sides, the little pineapple is there, the little rootbeer (or whatever drink it is) is there, and the only thing missing is the little green/blue crab by the pineapple. Oh well!

    I have three pictures of the bag, and two more that exceed the limit of uploading and I am to tired to go and edit them right now! But they are of the sides of the bag with the pineapple on one side and the drink on the other! So cute! I got a great price on it, as well! So far, the seller has been super fast at replying to all my questions, and immediately sent me more photos when I requested them! :smile:
    spiaggia.jpg spiaggia2.jpg spiaggia3.jpg
  2. That's gorgeous... it's all underwater scene. Awesome!
  3. congrats! it's a beautiful bag!
  4. The two small sides have some beach scene, but the bottom is also all ocean scene. I have been looking and looking and looking on eBay for one to show up, and the first time I stopped looking today, I got an email from LJ that someone posted a link to this for me. The seller assures me that it is 100% the bag in the pix that I will receive and the listing says brand new - never used. So, my fingers are crossed until it arrives - I am so nervous about eBay sometimes!
  5. :okay: CONGRATS!!! Happy that you found the one you are looking for. And to answer your q frm the other thread, the seller is very reliable. I am sure you will :heart: your new bag!
  6. Thanks! I was hoping so! I asked about a BIN, and they said if I would like it, they would add it! I received a response in about 10 seconds after sending the first message, with pictures attached of some other angles of the bag. I have to stop though - I am going broke! Better go to sleep so I can get some extra hours in at work tomorrow! :smile:
  7. WOW!

    I think I saw this on ebay when i was browsing by.... congrats!

    Btw... can you tell me the name of the seller? and when you do get it in tell me how you like it?

  8. Sure, it's ccs_boutique! As soon as it gets here and it goes on a test run I will let everyone know how I like it! And with this one, scotchguard will be mandatory. My Foresta Corriere is dirty all ready! :crybaby:
  9. Umm... You said Pirata zucca right? Those are photos of a Spiaggia gioco...

    Edit: Nevermind... I read the sentences way too fast! *lol* I didn't seperate the thoughts!!
  10. congratz! beautiful gioco!
  11. Congratulations!:choochoo:
  12. OMG GoldenAnkh ... I love that gioco!!! The underwater scene is so beautiful and so colorful :love:

    congrats!!!!!! :tup:
  13. Thanks everyone! Now, no enabling me any more! :smile: I am out of money!
  14. OOH! I just noticed that there is another pineapple hiding under a strap, but I can see the little blue/green crab! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Super beatiful!!! :smile: