My new bag!!

  1. Hi all, this is my first post here in the Coach forum and I wanted to share my new purchase with you! I love it!!
    IMG_1248_1.JPG IMG_1250_1.JPG
  2. That's a gorgeous bag! And the skull charm is adorable!!! Welcome to tPF and the Coach forum, glad to have you around!
  3. Love the gallery tote! I have one with mahogany. Welcome to the PF!
  4. Oh I LOVE that bag! Almost got it myself once! Welcome!!!
  5. Very nice bag. :yes:
    Cute charm too. My daughter has that charm.
  6. Too Cute! Welcome to TPF!:smile:
  7. Very cute! The skull is cute too! Enjoy it!
  8. Nice bag!

    And I also love your screenname!
  9. I have always loved the Gallery totes and I love the "attitude" the skull gives an otherwise classic bag. Welcome to the Coach forum. :smile:
  10. I fully agree! That bag looks so great!
  11. Great tote and welcome!!!!!
  12. I love the classic gallery offset by the skull too! Fab!
  13. love the tote as well. and welcome to the forum. :smile:
  14. Thanks for your warm welcoming! I took a break from Coach for a while and sold all of my bags on eBay. Now it seems I'm getting back in it right where I left off!
  15. Thanks, I'm sure you know where it came from then! :smile: