My new bag!!!!

  1. I just got it today!!! I love it!!! :love:
    it's the hampstead PM!!!
    lilou- lilou 006.jpg lilou- lilou 009.jpg lilou- lilou 012.jpg lilou- lilou 013.jpg
  2. OMG!! It is so STUNNING!! I like it more now!!!!!! CONGRATS! :yahoo: :jammin:
  3. Omg it's really beautiful!!!!!! one of my new fav's
  4. its so pretty!!! is it comfy as a shoulder bag or is it strictly for skinny arms?
  5. even though its only been like 5 seconds, I had to come back! :biggrin: ITS BOOTYFUL!! :smile:
  6. Nice, the straps seem much longer than in the early pics!
  7. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's gorgeous!!!!! i'm so jealous you got one..!!!

    yeah, are those straps comfy??
  8. Beautiful!!Congrats!
  9. great pics!!! congrats!
  10. Gorgeous! Enjoy your new bag!
  11. i think the Inventeur plaque looks better on Damier than Mono.

  12. Thank you. You can wear it as a shoulder bag without a coat. I can put it on my shoulder with my coat but I've got skinny arms ans it's less confortable.
  13. ^^may i ask how tall you are and your weight for size reference pls....
  14. I love that bag! Wow, I hadn't even thought twice about it until I saw your pics. Congrats and go somewhere to show that baby off!
  15. its like 11pm here, about my bed time but im too excited checking out your bag!!! i want one now!!! how will i be able to sleep???